The Sports Habitat - for Corporate is an untainted and competent idea to engage, boon fitness, building and fun for your teams at our best of multi-sport location spread across Bengaluru.


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Get Your Game to The Sports Habitat

Looking to play your favorite sport near you that offers more than just traditional turf and arena set up? Choose to play at The Sports Habitat, a wholesome experience center that gives you an opportunity to hone your skills through best in class amenities and playing field, all while having fun. Smooth booking platform, customer relationship manager, trainer staff, SOS assistance, easy payment modes, and a personalized dashboard at your convenience.

Train the Lil one

Nothing can be more exciting to train the children than The Sports Habitat, ask why? Here’s why, we offer the best of infrastructure, mix lifestyle with the game, focus on foundations and grassroots programs, and provide reports every fortnight. That’s not it, children get game screenings, theory, on-field AR, tackling against competition and tonnes of off-field fun.

Pave your fitness way

Burn calories while having fun, the funny way. Dance your heart out, relive your childhood kicking the ball, stretch as Johnny Bravo did Ohhh Mama and train like there’s no tomorrow. We know, the treadmill doesn’t excite you, you are at the right place to get in shape. Get to the brim or trim your way down, we make sure you love it. Not to forget the tiptoe music on its beat, always!

Improve strength and agility with functional training

Fill your day with energy and perform at your peak with functional training at The Sports Habitat. With group classes like Strength and Conditioning, you will improve your overall body flexibility, core strength, and stamina and you’ll find that reaching your fitness goal will be easier than ever.

Train like an athlete                                                      

My City My Playground so is the world, then we’ve got some indoor & outdoor sports to help you stay fit. Whether you’re looking to develop a new skill or improve your technique, with Football, Boxing and Sports Conditioning, The Sports Habitat floats you that opportunity.

Play anywhere    

At The Sports Habitat, we give you the freedom to play across all our centers. Why stick to one? When you got plenty! Open our web app, strengthen your thumb while scrolling, and choose your favorite center. 

Trained staff - On and Off-field

Once you have slotted your game, you can be sure of your game on time. No pushes or delays, honestly we hate that too. Our trained staff is always on your call to provide the essentials. Oh boy, they play well too. 

Med assistance    

Injuries are common while you hustle your game, chill, or even play for fun. We have physiotherapists on call always and basic first aid till real aid arrives.

Top-Notch Equipment

Read Shakespeare’s famous line? What’s in a name? Our sports equipment defines their usability and their sporty features.