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At The Sports Habitat, you #feelyourgame at The Sports Habitat with best in class sports surfaces and infrastructure making it fun and memorable. With over 13 sports and adventure activities, we enable your sport in your neighborhood for convenience and accessibility. 

Our aim is to provide customer experience and sports infra across all cities and every neighborhood.  

With an extensively growing community, we host a lot of events, tournaments and meet ups to sync in the emotions of sports and hold the sporty spirit high and flaring red. Claim your Habitat, My City My Playground, Neon Series and The Box are our flagship events with their respective sports.

Aren’t children the best sportsmen and sportswomen to be? We nurture, train and play in our TSH Academy with regular reports, fun screening, theory, on field sessions and compete with other academies. We currently have Under 5, Under 7, Under 9, Under 11 and Under 14 batches with the best of trainers, equipment, arenas and format.

We have best in class trainers and offer group workouts ranging from yoga to combat sports. Presently, our fitness classes are at our centers only, fret not we have our video workouts rolling in soon. You can book classes, schedule games, register for an event- all with the click of a button from our website or our partners applications

What sports do we offer?

At The Sports Habitat, you can avail a wide variety of sports ranging from team sports, racket sports, indoor table games and adventure sports. You can find the sports we offer here

What outdoor fitness do we provide?

From combat to yoga that focus on strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, stamina & balance. So mix it up, pick formats that help you achieve your personal fitness goals. We can assure you that your sessions will be more fun, interesting and less monotonous.


We are predominantly in Bengaluru and Kerala, India. You can find the nearest TSH center in the arena page

The Sports Habitat Timings

We generally stay put from 5.00 AM to 11.00 PM, few centers are open 24/7 to facilitate your midnight sporty rush!

The Sports Habitat center facilities

We have classified our centers into mini, macro and stadia depending on the area, features, sports and workouts offered and facilities. Nevertheless, all our facilities have dedicated men and women washrooms, changing rooms, shower rooms, water bottles, drinking water, first aid and required equipment for your games and classes.


Where should I buy the TSH package and how?

You can buy our sports package here (pay n play link) and for outdoor fitness here (outdoor fitness link). You can choose any center and your preferred sports/class to proceed.

I bought a membership and selected my preferred center, can I change the center?

You absolutely can, with your membership you can access all centers and choose the class type at your convenience. We are here to create value and to let you explore all our centers.

Where can I find a list of centers?

Right here 

Can I pay per session? I don’t want to buy any membership yet.

Yes, you can. All you need to do is, select the preferred center and type of program and check out. 


I just bought the membership, I’m new to this, are classes beginner-friendly?

Fret not, all our sessions are beginner-friendly, feel comfortable our trainers shall look after you all the time. Each session is of 50 mins divided into 10:20:20:10 Warm-up, work out, work out and cool down. 

How are the classes scheduled?

All our classes are scheduled categorically to target overall muscles and right movements to tame your game, improving agility, strength, stamina and mobility.

Hey, do you have any trial or free classes before I buy a membership?

Yes, we do. We offer TWO free trials at any of our centers. It’s easy to book and avail two classes at no cost.


What modes of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit, debit cards. Also, internet banking and digital payment wallets. We do not accept cash payments for any of our packages.

Is it safe to pay online for your packs or membership?

Absolutely, all your payments are secured by 256-bit encryption and 3D Secure password service providing an extra layer for identity verification. Also, we use trusted payment gateways which are secured. 

I need an invoice for my membership/ pack.

You would have received an email with an invoice along with an acknowledgement. If you need another copy, please write to us at finance@thesportshabitat.com

In case I want to cancel my membership, can I avail a refund?

No, we do not refund any amount but we surely can transfer your pack to your referral. Sounds good?

Do you provide EMI options for the packs being sold?

Yes, EMI options are available only for orders/ purchases above Rs. 5000. To avail an EMI, toggle credit or debit card options during checkout and the interest will be decided by your bank.

My account got debited and payment failed, who do I contact?

Don’t worry, your amount shall be refunded within 7 working days. Nevertheless, we are happy to help, write to us at finance@thesportshabitat.com


About our trainers

All our trainers are certified by respective international and the national body governing the particular sport, workout format. They are rightly spirited and excel in their format and sport, need to know more?

Do you have the same trainers at every center?

Our skilled trainers rotate across our centers and do not have a pre-given schedule for their training/ workout class.

I would like to join as a trainer.

Congratulations, you have unlocked the box. Send your profile to careers@thesportshabitat.com now!