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Under 7

This batch predominantly focuses on body movement and moto skills development of the child. This batch involves multi-sport training with fun on to create basic knowledge awareness of the sport. 

Cognitive abilities - One and Two touch passing - Creativity and Expression Recreational placement model - Short Passing - Improved control - Movement.

Age group 5 years - 7 years


Under 11

Harnessing the age category, the training model for children between age 8 and age 11 will be of recreational format condensed with sport-specific sessions along with theory and know how. These beginner batch sessions or curriculum can be custom made suiting the requirement of the batch and their performance. Alternate aerobic and anaerobic training efforts, gaming speed and agility training.

Age group 8 years - 11 years


Under 16

Competitive and recreational format focusses sessions focusing on the body agility, playing field knowledge, placement, body to surface friction coordination and individual training on the student's playing format. Tactical periodization to imprint the game or sport model on players, logical and training replications of professional matches and training sessions. Recovery - Strength - Speed - Endurance and Muscle memory activation.

Age group 12 years to 16 years

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